Our tips to working from home during COVID-19

On behalf of the Costs and Litigation Funding Department at Clarion, we would like to thank all of our clients for being understanding and supportive during these uncertain times.

As we all are still adapting to the ‘new norm’, it can often be difficult to find the motivation and we appreciate some days may be more challenging than others. With that in mind, the team have put together some of our top tips for working from home.

  1. Ellis Tolan, Paralegal in the Court of Protection Costs Team “I find maintaining a routine really helpful! I tend to plan my routine out the night before and include timings for different tasks during the day starting my plan from my alarm going off to going to bed. This helps me be super productive. For example, at 10:30am I will have a coffee break and a snack. I incorporate my work tasks into my routine to ensure I complete work in the necessary time frame.”
  • Bridie Sanderson, Paralegal in the Court of Protection Costs Team  “Definitely having a tidy work-space! Tidy space, tidy mind! I make sure that I eat my meals away from my desk and always clear away afterwards. Likewise, when I have finished some work, I will clear the files away neatly. This helps me focus on one thing and stops me diverting off to clean up.”
  • Robert Patterson, Associate in the Litigation Costs Team “For me, going for a walk before work helps focus my mind. It stimulates communication and assists with a routine. The fresh-air helps clear my head of any work from the day before and gives me a clear start to the day.”
  • Ellie Howard-Taylor, Paralegal in the Court of Protection Costs Team  “I find that having a clear distinction between workspace and personal space is really important. I have a designated space for my work and ensure I try not to work out of this space as best as possible. That way, I am able to concentrate fully and break away from it too.”
  • Brian Ferry, Associate in the Court of Protection Costs Team  “For me, having a good workspace helps me focus and get work done. It is important to choose a workspace which is clean, spacious and tidy. This helps you become organised with your day-to-day work.”

As we are now a large team with 25 people, it’s highly important to keep in touch with each other and to check in with one another on a regular basis. With this in mind, we have arranged video calls with the whole team to give us a chance to talk about work and see each other, just as if we were in the office. Once a week we have a social call too, which allows us all to stay connected.

Hopefully our top tips can help you get to grips with working from home. For any further queries, please contact Ellie Howard-Taylor on ellie.howard-taylor@clarionsolicitors.com.

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