Footballers’ wives and their extraordinary budgets

In the much-publicised libel claim of Rebekah Vardy v Coleen Rooney, each party was required to file a costs budget that detailed the costs incurred to date and the amount of costs they estimated would be incurred to trial.

The budgets were considered by Master Eastman at a brief preliminary hearing on Tuesday. Mrs Rooney’s sought estimated costs in the sum of £402,312 whilst Mrs Vardy’s budget sought estimated costs in the sum of £465,842. In addition, Mrs Vardy had incurred circa £431,000 in costs pursuing the claim to date.

Defending the level of costs stated within Mrs Vardy’s budget, Ms Mansoori, who is the barrister representing the Claimant, said that the budget “reflects the complexity, scope and scale of the legal and factual issues”.

Master Eastman commented that both budgets were “extraordinarily large”, and he urged the parties to try and reach an amicable agreement in the matter. He also ordered that revised costs budgets be filed in June.

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