CPR Committee seeks feedback on the Summary Assessment of Costs Pilot (PD51X) 

The summary assessment of costs pilot began in April 2019 and introduced the N260A for interim applications and N260B for trial.

The pilot, which was originally to run to April 2021, has been extended for a further year due to low take up. The possible reasons for the low uptake were discussed at the CPRC open meeting in May 2021 and you can read our full blog on that meeting here.

It was decided that feedback would be sought and the resulting online survey is now live at https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/BPT2Q7/

The survey seeks views on the level of detail required in N206A and N260B and reasons why practitioners may have chosen not to use the new forms where PD 51X applies.

The survey ends on 30th July 2021

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