What Fixed Costs can be taken within Court of Protection cases?

Practice Direction 19 (b) sets out the fixed costs that may be claimed by solicitors and public authorities acting in Court of Protection proceedings. In line with the Practice Direction, the revised fixed fees for the Court of Protection, effective from 1 December 2017 is as follows:

 Fixed Fee (plus VAT)
Appointment of Financial and Property Deputy£950.00
Appointment of Health and Welfare Deputy£555.00
Appointment of a Trustee£500.00
First General Management Year£1670.00
General Management for the second and subsequent management years£1320.00
Preparation of the Deputyship Report£265.00
Preparation of the basic HMRC income tax return£250.00
Preparation of the complex HMRC income tax return£600.00
ConveyancingA value element of 0.15% of the consideration with a minimum sum of £400.00 and a maximum sum of £1,670.0 plus disbursements.
Interim PaymentsUp to 75% of the WIP incurred

If you take the fixed cost available, you forfeit the right to an assessment later down the line. If you have authority for the assessment of costs in your Order and you will exceed the fixed cost amount, we recommend that you opt for assessment instead as it’s very likely that you’ll recover more than the above amount. Despite several hourly rate changes in recent years, fixed costs have not changed, so they remain at a low level which most practitioners do not consider suitable for their cases.

The link to the Practice Direction can be found at: https://www.judiciary.uk/publications/fixed-costs-in-the-court-of-protection/

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