Clarion’s October 2016 Newsletter

Please follow this link for Clarion’s October newsletter.  In this month’s issue:

Andrew McAulay discusses Fixed Costs

Sue Fox discusses the Six-month Pilot Scheme for Leeds Chancery Division

Hannah Riordan discusses – The clock is ticking to improve solicitors’ time recording, as date for the new electronic form bill of costs is set to become mandatory in October 2017

Good news on assignment of CFAs-Jones v Spire Healthcare Limited appeal successful

In a County Court judgment handed down on 11 May 2016 regarding District Judge Jenkinson’s decision on CFA assignment in Jones v Spire Healthcare, His Honour Judge Graham Wood QC has allowed the Claimant’s appeal – thereby rendering assignment of CFAs between separate firms of solicitors valid and enforceable and allowing recovery of both pre- and post-assignment costs.Read More »