The Costs Management Practice Direction has changed!

With effect from the 1 December 2022 ‘Practice Direction 3E – Costs Management’ has been renumbered to ‘3D’ as per the 152nd Update – Practice Direction Amendments.

The contents of PD3D, which supplements CPR 3, still includes:

-Production of costs budget;

-Documents to be lodged for costs budgeting purposes;

-Budget format;


-Budget discussion reports;

-Costs Management orders;

-Oppressive behaviour; and


Other amendments consequential to the 152nd Practice Direction Update, as made by the Master of the Rolls, are:

-‘Practice Direction 3F – Costs Capping’ being renumbered ‘3E’;

-‘Practice Direction 3G – Requests for the Appointment of an Advocate to the Court’ being renumbered ‘3F’; and

-‘Practice Direction 51Z – County Court Officers Pilot Scheme’ being inserted after Practice Direction 51Y, providing for a pilot scheme to run from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2024 to allow authorised court officers to make standard form case management directions on paper in certain circumstances in the County Court.

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