Update from the SCCO on the COP-E Bill

Please see below an update released by the SCCO on the extension to the cut-off period to accepting version 1 of the COP-E Bill.

Following the publication of COP-E Bill version 2.0, a minor error was detected in the filtering functions on the summary sheets and print detail sheet where information from the ‘example data’ COP-E Bill was still visible in the filter dropdowns. The SCCO have advised that this does not affect the workability of the previously published Version 2. The SCCO will continue to accept any bills where the earlier copy of Version 2 was used.

The cut-off date for when Version 1 will no longer be accepted has been extended to 6th November 2023. From this date, only V2.0 and V2.1 of the COP-E Bill will be accepted.

Any version 1 electronic bills must be submitted prior to 6 November 2023. The SCCO have confirmed that only V2.0 and V2.1 of the COP-E Bill will be accepted after the extension date.

Impact for You

The changes outlined in the update are minimal and they are more for the attention of the costs draftsman when preparing E-Bills. The team at Clarion are aware of all of these changes and these will all be implemented going forwards.

The main changes that you should be aware of are outlined below:

  • Front Sheet – there is now a box to include the DX address of the firm. This can be added in if applicable to you, however if you do not have a DX address, this can be left blank.
  • Bill Detail – The activity name for Letters/Emails out on Tab 6 has been amended to be grouped together.
  • Activity Summary – Tab 8 shows a collective summary of how much work has been done by each fee earner grade. 
  • Certification – Tab 11 now shows two titles which are ‘Pre-Assessment Certificate’ and ‘Post-Assessment Certificate’. Please note that the pre-assessment certificate should be completed prior to filing and the post assessment certificate is only to be completed when applying for the Final Costs Certificate.

The version of the bill can be seen in cell A1 on Tab 1 of the bill.  At Clarion, we are now producing V2 of the bill in anticipation of the new deadline, so any bills received from us will have V.2 in this cell.  

It is essential that bills follow the template and guidance notes in force at the time, as any which do not will be rejected. We have ensured that all updates have been carried out and so all of our bills prepared will be prepared under the new format.

How to access the approved template?

The updated copy of the template (Version2.1) is now available on the Judiciary website.

You can find out more about our services here or you can contact Maidie Deighton at Maidie.Deighton@clarionsolicitors.com for further information.

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