Changes to the Deputy Standards 2023

There has been an update to the existing Property & Finance and Health & Welfare Deputy Standards (‘Standards’), which will come into effect from mid-February 2023.

The single set of refreshed standards will apply to everyone who has been appointed as Deputy, including lay Deputies. Guidance tailored for professionals, public authorities and lay Deputies will also be published at the same time.

This is not the introduction of a new set of standards. The guiding principles of the refreshed standards remain the same and continue to be aligned with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA). The main changes are to make the standards more focused.

What has been changed?

The number of standards has been reduced from more than 40 to 8 core areas, which reflect the duties and responsibilities of all Deputies. Much of the material included in the original standards has now been re-shaped and included within the guidance documents.

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has contacted all Deputies to notify them of the changes.

The refreshed standards can be found at published at

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