Pre-budget costs are highly relevant – Redfern –v- Corby Borough Council (QBD 03.12.14)

It is quite clear within the CPR that any costs which have been incurred should be considered when assessing future costs, however as we are all aware, these costs can neither be approved or disapproved, only comments can be recorded (CPR Part 3, para 7.4 of PD 3E). As part of the costs management process the court may not approve costs incurred before the date of any budget. The court may, however, record its comments on those costs and will take those costs into account when considering the reasonableness and proportionality of all subsequent costs.

In the case of Redfern –v- Corby Borough Council (QBD 03.12.14), the Judge applied this principle and relied upon the incurred costs in accordance with PD 3E when assessing the future costs.

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