Incurred Costs – Shifting Change

LJ Jackson has recognised there are problems surrounding incurred costs. As predicted by many, he is concerned that some parties will undertake as much work as possible before the case management conference, thereby putting large swathes of costs outside of the reach of costs budgeting. This tactic of “front loading” goes against the very essence of what costs budgeting stands for.  LJ Jackson in his lecture earlier this year referred to incurred costs, stating that “a residual power to set a global figure for both incurred and future costs for any phase is to be introduced”.

His suggested solutions are sensible ones – (1) the court should have the power to comment on the incurred costs and to summarily assess those costs at the case management conference, if necessary; or alternatively (2) the court should be able to set a global figure for any phase, to include both incurred and future costs. This would be a welcome development in the task of controlling costs via the costs budgeting regime. The clear benefit to parties is that at the conclusion of the case where costs have fallen within limits of the budget, then parties may start to experience their costs being allowed in full, including the incurred costs. At present, when a party has actively managed their case effectively and efficiently, the incurred costs continue to be subject to either detailed assessment or summary assessment. LJ Jackson’s proposal would avoid this expensive and costly assessment process.

If this proposal was to be encompassed into any future revisions to the rules, then the parties to the litigation would begin to encounter some additional benefits. LJ Jackson has also suggested an introduction of pre-action costs management principally for clinical negligence costs. It appears there is a shift towards applying more focus to the issue of incurred costs in the future.

LJ Jackson’s proposal to change the position regarding incurred costs is one of the many steps needed to make costs management work.

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